Pleated and Duo Pleat Blinds

Pleated and Duo-Pleat blind systems are infinitely adaptable, both in screen density and shape, meeting unique design requirements including arched, circular, triangular and asymmetric applications.

Pleated Blind fabrics are a single layer of fabric whilst Duopleat Blinds are made sing fabric that is honeycomb/cellular in shape giving superior heat reflection properties to assist in maintaining an energy and comfortable living environment.

Both are available in a wide range of colours and textures, including transparent, translucent and room darkening options and include colour coordinated extruded aluminium headrails, base rails and associated componentry such as control cords.

The Easyrise Pleated/ Duopleat System is operated by a single continuous loop chain instead of cords, while our ‘Day Nighter’ system allows a combination of fabrics to suit almost any light control or privacy requirement.

Each application can be lifted from either the bottom or the top so as to admit or blockout light whilst maintaining high levels of privacy.
Adaptability and the ability to Motorise make these blinds particularly suited to skylights and difficult to reach placements