Roller Blinds

Environmental adaptability is a key component in TDS Roller blind systems. Spanning an enormous range of styles and colours, every fabric offered is designed to meet stringent standards in light control, glare reduction and insulation from UV rays. 

Superior heat reflection properties assist in maintaining an energy efficient and comfortable living environment and dependent on the fabric chosen, are also resistant to bacteria and moisture.

Whatever the application, from total privacy to panoramic exposure, from period to contemporary design, Roller blind systems complement, complete and control window coverings in every space.  Roller blind systems combine subtle elegance, perfectly complementing architectural vision.
The ‘Easydrive’ Roller system is specifically designed to suit large span windows and enable easy lowering or lifting of large blinds with half the exertion of comparable blinds fitted with a traditional friction brake system.  The ‘Spring Assist’ boost means only minimal effort is required to lift or lower very large or heavy blinds.  
The Multilink Roller System allows several blindsto be lined up in a row then adjusted through a single control. This system provides an elegant solution to spanning multiple windows or very wide windows.
The TDS Double Blind System allows two roller blinds to be mounted as front and rear blinds on a shared set of brackets, so you have two blinds covering the one window. 
The first blind is most often a screen or sheer, offering UV protection and heat reduction without inhibiting natural light. The second blind, which rolls down seamlessly over the first, creates effective light block out and privacy. 
This system is perfect for living spaces that require reduced glare during the day, such as family rooms or home theatres to total privacy at night. Equally, the Double Blind System offers a flexible and versatile approach to controlling light and shade in a commercial setting

TDS Roller Blind Systems can be motorised and operated via remote-control, or programmed to self operate at pre-designated times. Alternatively, the Roller System can be chain operated, with chain options available in both poly-resin or stainless steel finishes.