Roman Blinds

Combining a thousand years of window covering tradition with the benefits of contemporary engineering, the Roman Blind system is a timeless regulator of both light and privacy and is a cost efficient insulation against heat and cold.

Our Roman Blind Systems come in a choice of mechanisms. Which system is right for you depends on the desired aesthetics, size and the placement of the blind. 
Roman Blinds offer great flexibility in light control. Sheer roman blinds provide glare reduction and protection from harmful UV, while total block out fabrics provide complete darkness. 
Tasteful and easy to operate, Roman Blinds include a fabric covered headrail and operating mechanisms, generating a clean, stylish finish. Each Roman Blind is designed to ensure each folding segment is symmetric and evenly sized. 
Traditional Roman Blinds are both stylish and durable. They are also easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free.